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Activity Challenge

Agency MoDOT
Participant Name (first,last) Du Lich So
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Challenge Week Week 5: May 28 - June 3
Monday Activity
Guests love the piece of land full of green, the beautiful land makes people hard to forget is the piece of land only in war and fantasy. Way Hue city center 7km, rolling hills high 43m, located right next to the Perfume river. If tourists visiting Germany Mausoleum, there is a hill called Vong Canh, is one of the sights incredibly famous of Hue, Vietnam. As to Scenery, visitors will be intrigued by but small villages around the lake, or with fruit orchards, corn fields... From Vong Canh hill, guests can look out change the color by the reflection of sunlight on the river. The tourists come to Vong Canh simply find for yourself a quiet yen traumatic stress disorder, rather than look to for entertainment or fun. More details at
Monday Minutes 30
Tuesday Activity
Built on 25/3/1806, the Nam Giao was constructed by king Gia Long after he was given the throne, in the village of Ocean Spring, South of Hue city. The monuments on the outside reflects the misconception of humans about the universe (heaven round, earth square), according to the principles of yin and yang metal, wood, water, fire, and Earth. In the past, nam Giao is surrounded by a wall of basalt, the pine trees planted around, and the tree of who does that person care. Today, tourists can come here to learn about religious beliefs and politics of the feudal society, the East in general and the Nguyen dynasty in particular is a mode completely different from Western.
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