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The Job Special Provisions are revisions to the standard specifications and general provisions applicable to an individual project. Like the standard specifications, the JSPs contain information covering work methods, materials, measurements, or basis of payment. The JSPs take highest precedence over all material contained in the bidding documents.  This database contains the Standard JSP's, Non-Standard JSP's and LPA JSP's. 


 For questions about Job Special Provisions please contact Ivan Schmidt and LPA specific questions can be sent to Melissa Wilbers.



Additional Mobilization for Seeding
This is a fixed price, fixed qnty line item.  A qnty of 4 with a $600 cost for a total of $2400 As of July 1, the JSP is required for grading projects over 1 acre.  It may be used in smaller projects at the districs discretion.
Bonded Asphaltic Concrete Pavement
Requires approval from Construction and Materials prior to use.
Contractor Quality Control
This JSP is for use on all projects EXCEPT for JOCs, projects with Quality Management JSP, and other very small projects.  See spreadsheet from the Construction Division to determine if your project has been selected for this JSP or has received a waiver.
Contractor Quality Control For Plant Mix Bituminous Surface Leveling 
Use when project includes bid item 402-05.20 - Bituminous Pavement Mixture PG64-22 (Surface Leveling).  10/1/15 QM JSP or QC JSP are not required unless other types of asphalt or concrete are in project.
DBE Program Requirements
Include this JSP on projects that have 401, 402, 403 Pay items, A2 or A3 shoulders, Optional Pavement or Alternate Pavement.
Flagging Procedure for Two-Lane Roadways (3-2-1 Cone Procedure)
This JSP will be used when flaggers will be present in the work zone.  The pictorial representation of the 3-2-1 flagging procedure is included in this document.
High Friction Surface Treatment
Low-Tracking or Non-Tracking Tack Coat
Requires Construction and Materials approval prior to use.
Updated pay items per EPRevision 441-8/15/2016
Changed method of measurement from 0.1 gallons to the nearest gallon. 11/7/2017
Macrotexture Surface for Ultrathin Bonded Asphalt Wearing Surface Requirement
Requires approval from CM Field Office prior to use
Measuring Ride Quality
Requires approval from Construction and Materials prior to use diamond grinding.
Modified Bituminous Pavement Mixture (BP-2)
Allows districts to use modify BP-2 gradation to be laid thinner than 1.5 or 2"
MoDOT’S Construction Workforce Program
Required for all projects listed on the Construction Workforce Program Pilot Project List:

Bidding and Contract : Shared Documents : Letting_Information>QC_QM_WF_Project_List.xlsx

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Optional Grading Concepts
Optional Surface Treatment Prior to Asphalt Overlay
Requires approval from Construction and Materials Division prior to use.
Pavement Smoothness for UBAWS
Requires approval from CM Field Office prior to use
Permanent Aggregate Edge Treatment
May be used when treatment along the edge of a pavement or shoulder is included in an overlay project.  Sec 2.1 is only for areas prone to washout.  When 2.1 is used, pay item and quantity for 413-40.00, Bituminous Fog Seal, per gallon must be included.
Quality Management
Add this JSP to all projects identified as complex.  See spreadsheet from Construction Division for a list of projects that will require the Quality Management JSP.
Red Signal Ahead Sign With LED Light
This JSP should be used when placing a red signal ahead signs with an attached LED assembly.
Reinforcing Fibers for Bituminous Pavement Material
Requires approval from Construction and Materials Division prior to use; ADSR Test Methods Document required with Electronic Deliverables.
Rejuvenating Restorative Seal Treatment
Requires approval from Construction and Materials Division prior to use.
Restrictions for Migratory Birds
Use of the JSP should be coordinated with Design - Environmental.
Rumble Strip Retro-Fit Installation JSP Package
Shoulder Grading
Stormwater Compliance Requirements < 1 Acre
For all projects with Less than acre of disturbed ground.
Surface Sealing Treatment
2/22/17 - May be used on mainline pavement with an existing chip seal surface, on centerline joints, and on shoulder areas. This rescinds earlier guidance.
Use with pay item 4099905, surface sealing treatment.
Work Zone Intelligent Transportation System