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The Job Special Provisions are revisions to the standard specifications and general provisions applicable to an individual project. Like the standard specifications, the JSPs contain information covering work methods, materials, measurements, or basis of payment. The JSPs take highest precedence over all material contained in the bidding documents.  This database contains the Standard JSP's, Non-Standard JSP's and LPA JSP's. 


 For questions about Job Special Provisions please contact Ivan Schmidt and LPA specific questions can be sent to Melissa Wilbers.



3 - or 4 - Strand High Tension Guard Cable
This JSP should be used when high tension guard cable is specified.
JSP -06-07C3/29/2010
Accelerating the Completion of Closure Work (Incentive/Disincentive Clause)
This JSP is commonly known as A+B bidding.
ADA Compliance and Final Acceptance Of Constructed Facilities
This JSP is required on all projects with sidewalks or curb ramps.
Add Alternate Section (Per Project)
Adjusting Guardrail
For minor routes only. To be used when the substandard height guardrail will be raised to a minimum of 27 3/4".  Repair of guardrail should be addressed with separate pay items.
Airport Requirements
This provision is for use on project near a public use airport or heliport or is more than 200 feet above existing ground level.
Alternate for Pavements
This provision should be used for projects with 7,500 SY of continuous full depth pavement or 14,000 SY of full depth pavement at various locations.

Alternates for Slab Stabilization
This JSP should be used when slab stabilization operations are included in the contract to define the bidding requirements of the different materials for this type of work.
Bidding Requirements and Conditions
This provision should only be used on major bridge projects over the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. At this time, it should not be used on any other projects.
Changeable Message Sign (Commission Furnished)
Cold Recycling of Bituminous Material (Partial Depth) *
* Limited use. Only as approved by Construction and Materials Division.
Concrete Planing
Use when concrete planing is specified.
If there are questions on whether concrete planing should be included on a specific project, the Pavement Group should be consulted.
Contract Liquidated Damages
This JSP is required on all projects except Job Order Contracts and must be JSP B in the set of JSPs.
Contractor Furnished/Commission Retained Temporary Type F Concrete Traffic Barrier
This JSP should only be used when the district decides to retain contractor furnished barrier sections. If the district does not specifically intend to retain barrier sections, Sec 617 of the standard specifications covers Concrete Traffic Barrier.
Demolition and Removal Contract
Must be included in demolition and removal contracts when MoDOT doesn't have possession of all parcels or an asbestos survey are not completed on all structures, prior to letting.  NTP must be issued.
Disposition of Existing Signal/Lighting and Network Equipment
To be used when signal/lighting or communication is to be removed by the contractor and retained by the commission.
Disposition of Existing Signing
Division 100 Revisions for Complex Projects
This special provision is used on complex projects and those with major bridge work as determined by the State Design Engineer. Per 105.16 and 108.4 additional detail documentation is required. A+B Bidding (JSP-93-14) should not be used with this JSP.
Dynamic Late Merge Sysytem (Zipper Merge)
Created 5/23/16
Emergency Provisions and Incident Management
This JSP is required on all project and provides contact inform for the local law enforcement and fire departments.
Furnishing and Placing Cold Mix Asphalt
* Central Office Construction and Materials should be consulted prior to using this MSP.
General - Federal
06/20/17 - Revised reference for Standard Plans to 2017 Standard Plans.
General - State
06/20/17 - Revised reference for Standard Plans to 2017 Standard Plans
General - State Non-Prevailing Wages
Use on any state funded non-construction project.
6/20/17 - Revised reference for Standard Plans to 2017 Standard Plans
Geosynthetic Interlayer Specification for Highway Applications *
*Limited use. Only as Approved by Construction and Materials Division
The Geosynthetic Interlayer Specification is designed to provide a moisture barrier/stress relieving membrane to be placed beneath a hot-mix asphalt (HMA) Overlay.
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Slope System
Guardrail Grading Requirements
This JSP is for use on projects that require grading for guardrail and end treatment replacements.
High Performance Concrete for Precast  Bridge Units
Hot-Mix Asphalt Overlay on Rubblized Concrete *
* Limited Use. Only as approved by Construction and Materials Division
Johnson Grass Control
Law Enforement In The Workzone
For use on projects which will include workzone enforcment.
Liquidated Damages / Liquidated Savings Specified
This provision is for use to motivate the contractor to complete the work in a specific time frame as set up by the District. The description of the work should be complete and directly related to the Damage/Savings amount set up.
Liquidated Damages for Winter Months
Liquidated Damages Specified
This JSP should be used when there is milestone date that must be met such as opening the road to traffic before a special event in the area.
Liquidated Savings Specified
For use to motivate the contractor to complete the work in a specific time frame as set up by the District. Ensure that the description of the work in question is complete as possible and directly related to the Damage/Savings amount set up.
Masonry Construction
This jsp to be used on projects requiring significant mowing during construction. District Maintenance should identify projects, mowing locations and No. of mowings. If only for specific areas, those areas need to be identified in the special provision.
NEMA TS2 Traffic Controller Assemblies
The NEMA TS2 Controller is to be used only in special conditions after consulting with District Traffic and as directed or approved by General Headquarters.
Notice to Bidders of Third Party Concurrence in Award
This JSP will have to be included on any project with funding provided by others in which they have the right by agreement to concur in the award of the contract.
Office for the Engineer
Optional Pavements
This provision should be used for projects which do not meet the criteria for Alt Pavements, specifically those with less than 7,500 SY of continuous full depth pavement or less than 14,000 SY of full depth pavement at various locations.
Optional Shoulder
This is to be used on shouldering projects that will allow for a concrete option when bituminous asphalt is specified.

Optional Traffic Signal Detectors
To be used when Optional Traffic Signal Detectors are specified.
Overhead Lighting of Signs
When lighting of overhead signs is required on a project, the following information along with special sheet “ Sign Lighting – Lighting Support Bracket” shall be inserted in the contract documents.
Placing State Owned Pipe
Post-Award Value Engineering Change Proposal Workshop
* Limited use.  Only as approved by Central Office Design.
Powder Coating *
* Limited use. Only as approved by Construction and Materials Division.
Prime Contractor Requirements
Reuires the BCS Engineer's approval to use this JSP.
Project Contact for Contractor/Bidder Questions
This JSP is required on all projects.
Protective Surface Treatment for Concrete - Penetrating Sealers *
* Limited use. Only as approved by Construction and Materials Division.
Rapid Set Concrete Patching Material - Horizontal Repair
Formerly JSP-02-01A renamed to follow JSP numbering formating
Rapid Set Concrete Patching Material - Overhead and Vertical Repairs
Relocation of Portable Traffic Signal System
Required Combination of Calls
This JSP will be used when required projects with separate funding (ie: state funded and federal funded) projects are to be combined.
Roadway Job Special Provision Formatting Instructions
This format is to be used by all when writing JSPs in order to create uniformity in project proposals.
Roadway Job Special Provision Template
This template is to be used by for JSP Table of Contents.  Choose the appropriate signature block and provide the necessary provisions according to the template provided.
Seal Coat Completion of Work
To be used in Seal Coat projects which span multiple seasons.  Developed for the 2016 Seal coat program.
Section 404 Nationwide Permit Special Conditions
This JSP is to be used with any Nationwide Permit when the Corps of Eng. District Engineer places special conditions on the use of the NW Permit. List any special conditions provided in the letter from the Corps authorizing use of the NW Permit.

Slurry and Residue Produced During Surface Treatment of PCCP and Bridge Decks
This provision should be used where diamond grinding or any other surface treatment that would produce slurry residue is specified. Any questions regarding the use of this provision should be directed to the Central Office Environmental Section.
Snowplowable Raised Pavement Marker Rehabilitation or  Removal
This provision should be use when maintenance of SRPMs is included in a project.
Solid-State Pre-Timed Controller
Updated due to noticing the JSP referenced an outdated location in the spec book. Confirmed with Julie Stotlemeyer the correct reference.
Standard Alternate Technical Concepts
To be used on projects using the Standard ATC process which allows prequalified contractors to bid contractor specific bid items through the approval process.
Stormwater Compliance Requirements
For all projects with 1+ acre of disturbed ground. 
Qty is set by the weeks from the Notice to Proceed (NP) date through 5/1 of the year following the year of the completion date.  eg, let 12/15 with NP of 5/16 would require 61 weeks, 3/1/16-5/1/17
Supplemental Revisions
01/18/2018 - New JSP number; minor addition to 620.60.1
JSP-0901Z: 12/08/17 - updates 616.5 to include use of red/blue lights in work zones
JSP-09-01Y: 11/13/17 - incorporates Sec. 620.
Temporary Long Term Rumble Strips
Temporary Short Term Rumble Strips
Tree Clearing Restriction
* Central Office Environmental Section should be consulted prior to using this JSP.
Two Inch Continuous Process Hot In-Place Recycling with Alternate Methods of Surfacing *
* Limited use. Only as approved by Construction and Materials Division.
Use of Crossovers and Truck Entrances
Winter Months Requirements
To be used for overlay projects that span multiple construction seasons.  Developed for the CLC program.
Work Zone Traffic Management
This JSP needs to be inserted into every project as "JSP C" in the set of JSPs.

01/30/18 - Incorporated 1.1, most of 1.2, & 2.2 into Spec Book and renumbered accordingly
10/03/17 - Changed title, updated 1.1, 2.5, 3.0, and 4.1