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The Job Special Provisions are revisions to the standard specifications and general provisions applicable to an individual project. Like the standard specifications, the JSPs contain information covering work methods, materials, measurements, or basis of payment. The JSPs take highest precedence over all material contained in the bidding documents.  This database contains the Standard JSP's, Non-Standard JSP's and LPA JSP's. 


 For questions about Job Special Provisions please contact Jen Haller and LPA specific questions can be sent to Laura Ellen.



Acceptance of Precast Concrete Members and Panels
Acceptance of Structural Steel
ADA Compliance and Final Acceptance of Constructed Facilities
Add Alternates
Alternates For Pavements
Guidelines for Obtaining Environmental Clearance for Project Specific Locations
Liquidated Damages For Winter Months
Liquidated Damages Specified for Entrance Closures
Liquidated Damages Specified for Final Closeout Documentation (Final Payment Documents)
LPA Buy America Requirements
Created: 08/16/18
Optional Pavements
Work Zone Traffic Management Plan (Traffic Control)